How To Be A Gold buying Goddess


Take the workshops seperately or all together!

Here’s everything you need to tell if gold is real or fake and so much more!

Here’s what you get:

Workshop 1-Marks $67

*Gold purities- what they are, how to tell them apart

*Is it real?

*The differences between American vs. European marks and

*A handy cheat sheet of those marks so you never need to look

them up again

*PLUS all the marks that flat out tell you when

something isn’t gold!

Workshop 2- Equipment $179

*A list of the BEST equipment and where to find it

*All the equipment you need to test gold like a pro!

*I’ll walk you through each piece of equipment

*The pros and cons of each item AND when to use them

*HOW TO USE each piece of equipment

*How to perform the tests and

*How to interpret the tests

Workshop 3- The tips, tricks and gold hacks that no one else will tell you $149


**The advanced methodology.

*Regular tests are sometimes inconclusive. What do you do when that happens?

*If you were in the loupe course, you will know about some of these. It’s just more detailed for gold identification.

*Some equipment is better for certain things. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Bonus #1- a Free Recording of the workshop

Bonus #2- ToolKit Guide

EXACTLY what you need and where to get it!