20th Century Identification Webinar

$395.00 $157.00

This webinar gives you the basis to understanding

  • the PATTERNS
  • The THEMES
  • the popular METAL COLOR of each decade
  • the popular GEMSTONE COLORS
  • the popular GEMSTONE SHAPE and
  • how it all fit in with what was happening at the time for a WHOLISTIC APPROACH to learning.

No more memorization.

No more wasting hours on the internet trying to learn something that no one wants to teach you.

No more boring books.

No more being helplessly confused.

Just straightforward tips, tricks and all the hacks to make this as SIMPLE as possible. You’ll finally be able to identify the styles of each decade of the 20th century with a clear and easy strategy.

Plus: Cheatsheets for every decade (the 80’s through the 1900’s). I write it all down for you so you can simply print it all out and have it when you need it!