100 Years of Jewelry Style

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Finally! A Proven Way for you to identify jewelry decade by decade for an entire 100 years so you don’t over-pay for the jewelry you love.

Starts Sept. 4th, 2021

This Course gives you the basis to understand

  • The THEMES
  • The popular METAL COLOR of each decade
  • The popular GEMSTONE COLORS
  • Put it all into the context of the time for a WHOLISTIC APPROACH to learning that makes it intuitive
  • Recognize the common mistakes sellers make BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money

Plus: Cheatsheets for every decade (the 1980’s through the 1890’s) so you have a quick reference guide.

Bonus Webinar: Follow one motif through 100 years of jewelry style so you can follow each change and the patterns to that help you make identifying jewelry intuitive.

Bonus Webinar: Masterclass using 10 students’ mystery jewelry! (The student’s photos have already been selected.) This masterclass helps you use The Pattern Method to cement what you learned in the course.

You will receive recordings of each module so you can learn on your own time and watch again.

***This is the second BETA TEST of this course. By registering, you are agreeing to send me feedback of your experience of the course so I can improve it. You must send feedback AFTER EACH MODULE to get access to the next module. If you cannot provide feedback, please wait for the regular version of this course. There will be a quiz in the beginning so you can see what decades need more focus during the course. There will be a quiz at the end so you can gauge your progress. Because this is a BETA TEST, you are receiving this for a reduced price of $295 instead of the regular course price of $395. Think of it like this, I’m paying you $100 for feedback.

Want to hear what alumni of the first beta test of this course have said?

After just the first module, I was able to recognize a bunch of incorrectly dated pieces in one shop. They just jumped out at me and I was like, “The Pattern Method works!”- Lisa S.

I wish I had this course when I was first collecting 12 years ago! In just the first 2 modules, I was able to use the Pattern Method to quickly, easily and CORRECTLY identify all the jewelry I saw online! Before, I’d have to sift through 1000’s of photos and STILL not know if the jewelry was identified correctly. This is so much easier. And a lot faster! – Jennie H

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to correctly identify the era in which a piece of jewelry was made, and therefore avoid potentially costly mistakes, I highly recommend this course. Nicholle takes years of experience appraising jewelry and gives concrete clues to look for in figuring out when a piece was made. From popular stones, to themes, to diamonds shape treads and metal preferences, you will leave with a “cheat sheet” of every decade. It has only been a few days since taking this class, but I’ve already been able to identify at least fifteen pieces as being misrepresented for sale online. As a seller and a collector, the more I know, the better I do at both!- Emilia N

I feel so much more prepared and able to properly attach an actual circa date and VALUE by identifying styles and eras now, especially since there are so many reproductions!- Danuta H




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