20th Century Style Guide- FREE Intro


SUNDAY DEC 6, 2020 AT 12:00 PM EST. This is LIVE on zoom. There are 100 places open because that’s how many people I can have on my zoom account. SPACE IS LIMITED, REGISTER NOW. This will NOT be given again until 2021. If you cannot make it live, THERE WILL BE NO RECORDING. This is ONLY open to my list as a thank you for following me in 2020. There will be other opportunities for this in 2021 when I have a better platform for webinars. For right now, this is what’s available so this is what we have to work with. THERE ARE 100 SPOTS OPEN SO REGISTER NOW.

The complete beginners guide to all the styles you’re likely to see in the 20th century!

In a lot of ways, the 20th century is one of the most difficult centuries to understand. Styles changed fast! Metals changed and developed. Synthetic stones entered the market. From silent movie stars to Madonna, so many things determined what was fashionable and what was not that if you blinked, you were going to miss something!

Luckily, I’ve created this guide to help you recognize the basic styles, in fashion and in jewelry! You’ll look inside each decade and see the clothes, music and culture that influenced each decade. You’ll begin to discover the patterns that emerge from each decade and style and how to recognize those patterns when they show up inĀ  the jewelry that’s readily available to buy on Instagram, Etsy and Ruby Lane all day. Instead of just calling everything “vintage,” you’ll be able to start to identify something as circa 1950’s, circa 1970’s, Edwardian, Art Deco, etc. This short 30 minute FREE webinar is your gateway to a deeper understanding of the jewelry you see all day long, even in your own collection and the collections of your family and friends. Space is limited to the first 100 people who register.

There is an ADVANCED class coming soon with CHEAT SHEETS where I give you EVERYTHING you need to know to identify each KEY decade of the 20th century. What metal color was popular? What colors of gemstones were popular? What did engagement rings look like in those decades? What diamond shapes and cuts were popular in those decades? How do knowing those shapes and cuts of diamonds help you identify fashion jewelry of the decade? You’ll get this and more plus the CHEAT SHEETS that spell it out that you print out and keep in the upcoming webinar. Coming soon in 2021!

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