Jewelry Consultation

Don’t know what you have? No problem! I’ll help you with a consultation. I can put your jewels into their historical context, Circa Date it for you (tell you what time period your jewelry is from) and help you determine if you should have an appraisal or not. I can even decipher the clues to your family history by understanding the heirlooms you have. Wether you’ve inherited items, or bought them yourself, all jewelry has a story to tell! I can tell you the stories hidden in your jewels!

I can do this via Facetime on our phones or from photos! 

I’m a professional appraiser and as such, I am bound by USPAP regulations for Appraisers in the United States and the ethical guidelines of appraising organizations. I CANNOT help you determine value (either written or “ballpark”) without having the items in my possession. If that’s a service you’d like me to perform for you, you can follow the shipping instructions in the section on Appraisals. 

Jewelry Consultation fees start at $50 per item. Collections (5 or more items) are evaluated per hour instead of per piece. This results in a huge savings, but the scope of the items need to be evaluated to determine a price. Please schedule a consultation to talk about your goals.

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