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Authentication Reports:


Find out if your antique jewelry is really an antique or if it’s a reproduction or marriage.  This does not include Metal/Gem Testing for most items. This service is good for items from the late 1600’s to the 1950’s. Some items like posey rings and Death’s Head rings will require advanced metal testing. Please see Metal/Gem Testing for metal/gemstone  pricing. 


Insurance Appraisals:

Starting at $120

Appraisals are for your insurance provider to value your jewelry in case of loss or damage. Appraisals include Metal/Gem Testing but is NOT a statement of authenticity because your insurance is concerned with replacement ONLY. This report gives your insurance company everything it needs to replace your jewelry if it’s lost or damamged. 

Metal/Gem Testing

Metal/Gem Testing:

Starting $40 

Is it gold? Is a natural gemstone? A synthetic gemstone? Glass??? Sometimes you don’t need a full appraisal, but you want to verify your gold content and gemstones/diamonds. I can test your gold so you know if it’s 10kt, 14kt, 18kt. I’ll also identify your gemstones, tell you if they’re natural or synthetic and grade your diamonds for you. This is a great service for Sellers!

Georgian ring or Fake ring
Aquamarine or Glass

Thank you very much for looking at the brooch and for your thorough authentication report.  I learned so much just reading through your comments and analysis and observing the features that you carefully photographed and noted.  I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and your time.

–Julie, California

What Others Are Saying About Authentications

What Others Are Saying About Appraisals

I needed information on these two pieces and Nicholle (JewelryNerd) was my go-to! Fast and professional, her appraisal and authentication reports were educational and worth every penny! If you need an evaluation on something, look no further than Nicholle. – Dyanne, CO